2. Mini-Monolith


In this lab we will have a look at our shop application. The implementation consists of a monolith with its own postgresql database.

The application is a small shop including a stock inventory. It provides an RESTful API which is used to create orders. The article stock count has to be decreasing whenever an article is ordered. If an order includes an article which is not in stock the order will not be completed.

We will use monitoring and tracing for our application.

Lab Overview

Our environment looks like this:


2.1 Getting Started

Getting started with the lab environment.

2.2 Docker Environment

Getting started with the lab and environment.

2.3 Application Structure

Getting familiar with the application.

2.4 Using the Lab

Starting and using the Lab environment.

2.5 Metrics

Inspecting the application metric setup.

2.6 Application Tracing

Inspecting the tracing setup.