5.7 Docker build

Building the docker image for the order microservice.

In the previous section we implemented the microservice. Lets build and run it.


The order microservice provides a multistage Dockerfile for building the java application and creating a docker container.

Task 5.7.1 - Build docker container

Build the container using the following details:

  • Dockerfile: debezium-order/src/main/docker/Dockerfile.multistage.jvm
  • Tag: microservices-lab-debezium-order:latest
Task Hint

Change to the base directory of this lab and run docker build.

cd <PROJECT_ROOT>/code/debezium
docker build -f debezium-order/src/main/docker/Dockerfile.multistage.jvm -t microservices-lab-debezium-order:latest debezium-order